CMA CGM Log operates warehouse worldwide and offers a large range of facilities as well as a comprehensive logistic service, from basic massive warehousing to specialty warehousing like perishables, hazardous or high value ca

Classic Storage

  • Pre-retail, assembly, kitting & packaging Services
  • Value added services such as labeling and tagging
  • Complete use of WMS (Warehousing Management System)

Bonded Warehouse

  • Financial benefits from suspension of duties and tax payments
  • Optimization of company’s customs clearance


  • Last kilometer logistics
  • Stuffing and destuffing containers services
  • Buyers consolidation
  • Worldwide multi-sites distribution


Expertise Cma cgm log

CMA CGM Log has built several worldwide warehousing proposals with multiple capabilities and possibilities such as:

  • Daily reporting between central and local teams
  • Dedicated operations centers and multi-sites distribution all over the world
  • Control your production with reporting, Key Production Indicator and dashboard
  • Quick access to data with EDI System - (Electronic Data Interchange – Warehousing Management System)