CMA CGM LOG is able to combine your freight with worldwide sophisticated hub logistics services. In order to optimize your costs, lead time and productivity, inventory is pushed closer to your potential customer whether or not the final market is known by providing you with a smart door-to-door solution and last kilometer logistics.


Optimize your flow

  • Adjust your production to the real physical stock available in the hub
  • Monitor your customers’ entire supply chain with advanced and innovative technologies
  • Visualize your stock of containers and products

Optimize your costs

  • Storage costs optimization by managing “First In First Out” in the hub
  • Reduce your storage costs at origin or destination with a free storage period in HUB
  • Create opportunity by pushing inventory closer to a potential new customers

Optimize your time

  • Quick access to worldwide markets
  • Reduce by weeks the frame between production of cargo and achievement of sale and financial return on the product
  • High level of service thanks to dedicated control tower team

Expertise Cma cgm log

Thanks to its commercial synergies with CMA CGM, CMA CGM LOG provides you with tailor-made solutions that

  • Port facility as virtual warehouse storage
  • Fully customizable and comprehensive LLP solutions (from Inventory Management, Hub Management to Shipping Management and Order and Documentation Management)
  • Global Control Tower Center in Malaysia

CMA CGM Log Advanced Hubs cover the world in order to propose smart logistical options and to bring you closer to your customer: