Marine Logistics, a timed conveyance for just-in-time delivery

Marine Logistics, a timed conveyance for just-in-time delivery

Facing international trade uninterrupted growth, sea carriers are seeking for vessels’ shortened duration of call. While boats are bigger and bigger and faster and faster, loading/unloading operations must be the shortest possible. Every year it is more than 90 000 vessels that navigates into the seas of the globe and that can be facing logistics setback. Thus, despite these optimizations, carriers have to be able to answer on schedule to their fleet’s logistics issues.

Spare part’s delivery headed to vessels is a complex process that must be coordinated in a really precise way in order to not delay business operations. (gaskets, ladders, gangways, engine parts, paints…) Thus, supply chain has to be closely coordinated in order to insure recovery, conveyance as well as in time delivery. The setting up of this process is done in a retroactive way because spare parts must arrive at the port before the vessel does. This race against the clock has to be studied really detailed in order to avoid leaving anything to chance.

In emergency situations, asked parts have to be convey in few hours. This delivery is done 90% of the time by plane in order to answer to extremely short delivery periods because boats have to resume navigation the fastest possible even when they encounter a logistic set back.

Marine logistics solutions have to be managed in a very efficient way and to be adapted to customers’ needs. These adapted offers gather warehousing, consolidation then sending to required destination. Dedicated teams specialized in marine logistics proceed to a manufacturer delivery follow-up, check documents, manage customs operations, organize main transport from a consolidation warehouse to the destination airport, alert officers when the cargo has arrived to its destination and set up a delivery monitoring on arrival.

From container carrier to cruise ship, CMA CGM Log will entirely take in charge your cargo dispatch thanks to its tailor-made solutions and its worldwide network supplying and delivering mechanical spare parts and any kinds of supplies. CMA CGM Log’s experience in terms of marine logistics enable it to convey in a very efficient way vessel’s spare parts, sensitive cargo (engine’s oil…) as well as resupplying on schedule. Every year the company execute more than 1000 shipments throughout the world, demonstrating every time its know-how and competencies.