Logistic Hub in Riga: an optimized supply chain to the 1520 Area

Logistic Hub in Riga: an optimized supply chain to the 1520 Area

In Eastern Europe, transnational mobility and regional cooperation between each country is not always easy. Indeed, in the area of the Baltic Sea, railway networks do not enable direct interconnections with EU nations: the distance of the rails from one country to another is not the same and this leads to many load breaks.

Countries like Poland, Hungary or Slovakia lean on European standards where the distance of the rails is of 1435 millimeters while Baltic countries as well as Russia, Ukraine or Finland (17 countries in total) defined a rail gap of 1520 millimeters as soon as the end of the 19th century. These differences in rail gap penalize the area because it is more difficult to connect to other countries in the East or in the West.

Ideally situated, Riga’s logistic hub enables an optimized transit for the 1520 area, from its port opening on the Baltic Sea to its rail connection integrated to the 1520 network. Cargos can directly be distributed to the Baltic countries, in Russia and through Central Asia.

The advanced hub positions itself as an asset for companies because it allows to increase flexibility of businesses by letting them the possibility to delay their final decisions about dates and delivery’s destinations.

By optimizing storage costs, time and productivity, the advanced hub become a strategic tool for companies which enables to position merchandises closer to their final customers while keeping the flexibility of being able to wait a final order or a confirmation of a delivery place.

Advanced hub also enables to integrate transit times of every transport link, from maritime imports to rail or road delivery from the hub which associated to most optimized storage costs give to every company a complete vision of its optimized supply chain in real time.

Thanks to more than ten logistics hub in the world, CMA CGM Log enables its customers to get the closest possible to their final markets by combining one or multiple hubs.

Thanks to its customers’ knowledge and its market know-how, CMA CGM Log developed in-depth expertise on the different fields of specific delivery into the 1520 area. Through a wide range of carriers covering the entire zone with the most efficient rates, CMA CGM Log offers a complete regional European cover for deliveries in the Baltic countries but also to Russia, Byelorussia, Central Asia, Ukraine and Caucasia.

CMA CGM Log brings to its customers in the Baltic hub and everywhere in the world the benefit of a high level of service through its dedicated teams.